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I am absolutely passionate about helping horses achieve better form and comfort, as well as educating and empowering owners to make the best choices for their equine partners. I wholeheartedly love what I do helping to create the optimal care for both my human and equine clients.

I look forward to working with you and your horses!

Jana Hunter




What We Do

Serving the west central Saskatchewan and Saskatoon region. At this time, we are not accepting new hoof trimming clients. If you would like to be added to our wait list, please send a message with your name, phone number, location, and number of horses. Nutrition consultation and hoof boot fitting services are still available on an ongoing basis. Feel free to contact us with any inquires.

Barefoot Trimming

Through my trimming, I strive to achieve comfort, balance, and proper biomechanics. I work from where each horse is at, and I trim to encourage heel first landings, which will strengthen the integrity of the hoof, build soft tissue, and aid in better mobility throughout the entire body.

Nutrition Consulting

With so much of the body’s overall health being linked to nutrition, it stands to reason that nutritional imbalances affect the hooves as well.

Ensuring that there is not only adequate amounts of essential minerals in the diet, but also balancing the ratios of the minerals that compete with each other for absorption will make a tremendous difference on hoof health and quality.

Hoof Boot Fitting

Hoof boots are a fantastic tool that offer the hoof protection, while allowing natural flexion and expansion. There are many styles and applications for both riding and rehabilitation use, as well as pads for added cushion.

The best boot for a horse is the one that best fits the individual, and ensuring proper fit is imperative.



I am always looking for the best ways to support the horses through sharing information, finding the right products, and teaching.


Friends on Horses invited me to chat with them about my experiences and expertise. Check out the podcast link here to learn more and listen.


With so many options for what to use to support overall health, it can be daunting to know what to try for your situation. Here are some of my favorite products.

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”
– Rumi
Jana Hunter


Welcome! My name is Jana Hunter and I am a hoof care provider. I reside near Harris, Saskatchewan with my husband, son, horses, cows, dogs, cats, and chickens.

Though I’ve been self proclaimed as horse obsessed my entire life, my passion for hoof care didn’t begin until a special horse entered my life and nudged me in this direction. What started as a pursuit of knowledge to better help him quickly snow balled into a fascination for all things hoof care, to the point where I often find myself trimming hooves in my dreams!

I have studied and attended courses, clinics, and lectures with Dr. Robert Bowker, Dr. Eleanor Kellon, David Landreville, the ECIR group, and the Hoof Geeks. I believe that learning is a life long journey, and I continue to add to my education whenever I am able.


Client Reviews

"... one of the best holistic farriers ..."
I connected with Jana after seeing her post and comment on a hoof related Facebook group we both belong to. I was thrilled to find another Canadian and who is so passionate and well-educated on hoof health. We asked Jana to join our team at Hoof Help Canada to offer hoof boot fittings and after learning how educated she is on nutrition as well, she is also now helping our clients balance their horses diets. We cannot say enough about how great it’s been to collaborate with Jana, she is extremely meticulous and professional in her work and interactions. We’re continuously impressed with the case studies she’s shared with us and if you’re thinking of contacting Jana for help, we know you will be in excellent hands. She is truly one of the best holistic farriers Canada has to offer!

Kaileen St.Antoine
Hoof Help Canada

"... very passionate ..."

I highly recommend Jana to anyone striving to improve their horses hooves and overall health. She is very passionate about continuing education in hoof health and nutrition. Every time she comes out, I see improvements in our horses.

She does a great job explaining what changes to the horses nutrition or care can help improve your horse and why it works. We appreciate everything she does for all our horses at Matali Equine! Thank you Jana!

Alissa Fehr
Owner, Instructor, Manager at Matali Equine

"... approachable and open-minded ..."

Jana offers the complete hoof care package! She provides my horses with their hoof trims, nutritional balancing, and hoof boot fitting needs. Passionate, extremely knowledgeable, reliable and organized, Jana provides consistent, individualized care for every horse. I have two insulin resistant mares, both of whom will struggle with hoof comfort if not properly managed. Jana been key to successfully restoring their hoof comfort- providing regular trims that support progressive improvements in hoof function, combined with mineral balancing of their hays; an essential component to help manage their insulin resistance and ensure their hooves have the building blocks they need to be strong and functional. She has additionally provided hoof boot fitting and advice as needed, ensuring my horses can remain comfortable on a variety of surfaces.

It is also worth to mention, that Jana is also great to work with because she is approachable and open-minded; approach Jana with questions and thoughts on your horses hoof care, she will listen intently and discuss and answer your questions in line with your horses needs. She is a proponent of life long learning, and continues to build her knowledge on hoof care, to your horses’ benefit.

We are extremely fortunate to have Jana serving the Saskatchewan horse community – I highly recommend her!

Yolande Seddon

"... fabulous teaching skills ..."

I connected with Jana through my search on the Hoof Help Canada website to find someone to help me with fitting my horse with hoof boots as an alternative to shoes.

Meeting Jana has been such a great experience! Her knowledge of the hoof and how it relates to the overall health of the horse is extensive and she is so open and eager to share her experience with me.

Her careful attention to trimming has resulted in great improvements in my horse’s feet and we will soon be fitting his ‘new hooves’ into some new hoof boots to further improve his comfort.

Her fabulous teaching skills have also resulted in me being able to do a maintenance trim on my horse in between her visits – something I never imagined I could do. With her detailed instruction and endless patience with all my questions, I have a rasp in hand and am sending picture after picture to ensure I get it right.

I am beyond blessed to have found such a fantastic hoof care professional so close to home and further blessed with a new found friendship…thank you Jana!

Lisa Thibodeau

"... puts the horses needs first ..."

Jana is an incredibly talented farrier with a true passion for her craft! She is a plethora of knowledge and is always striving to learn more. She truly puts the horses needs first and works with you to build a program with not only trimming, but nutrition as well, to create the most healthy hooves!

Jana has helped my OTTB in so many ways and the best compliment I ever had was from a vet who said his feet didn’t look like TB feet!

There isn’t enough good things I can say about her, punctual, efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, always willing to answer all my questions even the silly ones! I am so grateful to have her as part of my whole heard health care program. I would highly recommend all of her services!

Ashley Moellenbeck

"... hard working, inspiring woman ..."

Jana is that one person, that you want as an important part of you and your horses life, whether it be through hoof health, digestive health, all around horsey education or all of the above. She will go above & beyond to make sure everyone is happy, healthy & not to mention, she is so very patient & loving (even with geriatric, arthritic, grouchy geldings!)

Jana is one of the most knowledgeable human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know, as well as so understanding, passionate & an all around great, hard working, inspiring woman! I am so grateful for her and the work she has done with my old guy; from his feet, with our 5 week trimming schedule, to his gut health, with supplement recommendations! Thanks for all of your hard work Jana, you are truly a gem in the horse world!

Kaitlin Penfield

"... always grounded, supportive and ready ..."

Jana is a joy to work with, always grounded, supportive and ready for whatever task is ahead of her. She’s our right hand gal for the Cowgirl Re-union, and shows up in every way, not to mention how comfortable every horse is around her. Can’t recommend her enough!

Alexa Linton

Jana Hunter

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