Nutrition Consulting

With so much of the body’s overall health being linked to nutrition, it stands to reason that nutritional imbalances affect the hooves as well.

Common issues like thrush, abscesses, white line separation, thin soles, and flared walls are just a few of the pathologies that can be connected to mineral imbalances in the diet.

Ensuring that there is not only adequate amounts of essential minerals in the diet, but also balancing the ratios of the minerals that compete with each other for absorption will make a tremendous difference on hoof health and quality.

For clients within areas that I travel, I offer hay sample collection with my core sampler. For those residing outside of those areas, I can advise on alternative methods of collection, as well as the submission information.

Next, the sample is submitted to a lab, and then the lab will provide the hay analysis. I use the hay analysis provided by the lab to compare the horse’s nutrition requirements against what the hay provides, and the supplementation levels required. My analysis balancing report will be emailed to you in pdf format, complete with feeding instructions, as applicable.

I am also able to advise on supplementation methods, help to source minerals, and advise on commercial feeds and balancers.

Podcast Guest Appearance

I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker on Friends On Horses Podcast. We chatted about why equine nutrition is so important, the connection between diet and hooves, what a balanced diet looks like, and how to ensure your horse’s needs are being met. Check out the podcast link for more information!

Hay Analysis from Lab

Hay Analysis Balancing Report