Hoof Help Canada

As an affiliate of Hoof Help Canada, book your hoof boot fitting with me and you receive a discount on your boots order through their shop. They also offer a trade-in program and a guaranteed fit.

I can also help identify products available through Hoof Help Canada that improve the hoof health of your equines. They carry a variety of products such as thrush treatments, protective epoxy hoof coatings, minerals and supplements.

The products I recommend most are Artimud and other Red Horse Products, Hoof Armor, and Mad Barn supplements and loose minerals.

Podcast Guest Appearance

I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker on Friends On Horses Podcast. We chatted about why equine nutrition is so important, the connection between diet and hooves, what a balanced diet looks like, and how to ensure your horse’s needs are being met. Check out the podcast link for more information!